Fast facts
I got these from RingMessenger on AIM.
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The facts are directly quoted.

~"At the height of production, "The Lord of the Rings" had a 2,400-person crew."

~"Over 550 hours of behind-the-scenes footage was shot on set."

~"There were five shooting units in the production."

~"The 9 cast members of the Fellowship got tatoos of "9" in Elvish script at the end of the shoot."

~"For the first time ever done in cinema history, three films were made simultaneously."

~"100 hand-forged and inlaid weapons were created by the Weta Workshop."

~"250 horses were used in one scene."

~"The most lunches served on set at once: 800."

~"Sets had to withstand 60 lbs. per square foot to be safe for cast and crew."

~"5,000 cubic meters of vegetables/flowers were planted in Hobbiton a year before filming began."

~"200 individually crafted Orc masks were created by the Weta Workshop."

~"Over 100 locations were used in the film."


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