Here's a list of the people that I plan on eventually adding to my site...

*Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) ----- Hayden Christensen
*Peter Parker (Spider-man) ----- Tobey Maguire
*Jack (Newsies) ----- Christian Bale
*Timothy Goebel (ice skater)
*Ray (Due South) ----- Callum Kieth Rennie
*Heath Ledger (actor)
*Billy Elliot (from Billy Elliot obviously)
*Frankie Muniz (actor)
*Michael Schwartzman (The Princess Diaries)
*Pippin (hobbit-LOTR)
*Merry (hobbit-LOTR)
*Sam (hobbit-LOTR)
*Stryder (Aragorn-LOTR)
*Audio Adrenaline (Christian rock band)
*dc Talk (Christian rock band)
*Newsboys (Christian rock band)
*Matthew McConaughey (The Wedding Planner)